Friday, February 29, 2008

When you hang up the casket closes

Y, this is no drunk dial. No conman
with his smoke and tricks. It’s me,
really. After the break up I’ve been
very unhappy.

But tonight is different. I'm suited
nicely, clean-shaven, and snuggled
squarely inside a window seat with
gorgeous black shoes.

The window panes are so large
I had to remind myself the ego
cannot be guarded even when
framed, do you understand?

I’m naked except for my good suit.
My hair is slicked back and I smile.

Women come up to me first.
They run their fingers up my chest,
pausing to admire my handsome buttons.

When their fingers climb to my neck
they stop completely. If they kiss
me here their lips would wither so
they peck my forehead.

My waitress seems uneasy by this.
So I tell the waitress I need my salt
but she only brings me more sugar,
fortune finds me like a bouquet of
flowers shot back into my
coldest winter.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Andy Lau

I don't understand why he's cradling a dead or dying person in every movie. Or why most Chinese epics are tragedies. I swear all of Andy's characters are probably at Dragon's inn, drinking wine and eating spicy buns. He wasn't even in that movie!

Man, would it really dilute a film if there's a happy ending with him? Oh yeah, Cat and Mouse. That character isn't at the inn he's creating elaborate tricks.

Watching these movies makes me feel lonely because there's always a desert scene or a scene that makes the body feel smaller. And there's sad music. But the person keeps going. How often do you think the energizer bunny meets a person? Not often.

It's like starting a poem with:

This isn't a drunk dial so don't hang up.
You're waiting for the phone to click and if it does, well you've tried. 1 E-prop.

If it doesn't then you keep talking:

Are you still there? I've thrown out so many batteries--

You get 2 E-props for this.

I think people feel more triumph if they set themselves up for defeat.

This post is all of the place, my bad, I just wanted to talk about Andy.