Friday, September 28, 2007

Dumb It Down

New Video from Lupe! It's hilarious.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007


I'm excited and sick! My poem, Last Kiss, will appear in Boxcar Poetry.

I will later send out hard copies to Journals. I'm not really good with hard copies or with keeping organized.

Anyhow Kundiman was a huge help! Huge! I heard of some online publication from emails I received from the Kundi-fellows (which sounds like a group of super heroes). I checked them out and really enjoyed them.

Also today we got a keynote speaker! Ishmael Ileto will be the keynote for IMPAACT II.

I hope there's more good news to come.

Monday, September 10, 2007


Me being Me

We were sitting on the blue line heading to W-Lot for my car. She folds her head into my shoulders, gets up, lays back. As if we could become one creature if the right position was found.

Anyhow that's getting away from the story at hand. We stopped at a red light and I noticed an ad for a human experiment. Kind of like make up for pigs but without make up. Instead they'll give me drugs. And I was willing to whore myself out with 4 nine hour sessions for $485. Since they were looking for young & healthy men. And I can say I'm one of them now.

I ask her for her phone since I didn't have mine. And she gave me this chat about the dangers of it. Pharmacy students are careful and difficult like filling a propane tank. Then the light turns green and we continue heading to the parking lot. Now I'm rushing. Attempting to remember the number while fumbling for her phone. It was a mess.

We yield at a stop sign. And I lost my chance.

Then I realized, again, how dumb I can be. The ad wasn't a billboard. It was plastered on the bus.



Currently I'm trying to dig deep and write a poem.

All I got though is:

My loves a burning house.
My lovers a fool.

Someone tell her,
even heroes rush in with the intent to escape.

Perhaps it is done. I'm envious of people who come up with good titles.


Had a dream that I was at the beach/cliffs with my cousin and brother. I was taking pictures of an unmanned table full of straw baskets when I realized how big the table looked to the background.

Then it hit me. The water was stories high coming at us. So I ran to them. And since we were on a cliff they were just looking at the wave behind me. Finally another wave comes from in front of me (behind them) and it's atleast 500 feet high.

Everyone was quiet and still. The water never collided it just ascended and fell like spiralling pillars. So the pillars collapsed on the ground and began to rise to their ankles. Shit was real now. And they began running! I drop my phone and camera so I'm swimming since the water has rose to my chest. My cousin tells me to leave it but I refused. Stupid me.

I woke up. Closed my eyes to finish the dream. And remembered struggling before blackening out. I woke up. Tried again.

I think I drowned. Second time dreaming of tsunami waves. Never gets easier. I'm always waking up sweating and breathless.

Maybe it was the decandance of machinary. Oh and I took that picture for a postcard poem to send to someone.