Saturday, June 23, 2007

Look what I found..

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mixed CD and Support

I will start writing poems with titles borrowed from APIA Musicians as an exercise. This is the first one.

Character Flaw

I’m jealous of your song,
solemn as prayers,

the midnight I last heard them
my car paused for its benediction.

And I’ve realized: distance is the red light,
a heavy pucker, across an asphalt embrace,

panting revelations like
the starving mouth of a street lamp,

moaning into the left ear of a sidewalk after dark.

Or perhaps I am most jealous of your prayer for fortune,
The escape from Biblical exile,

what we are all avoiding like
red flare and reflective cones to mark collisions and shattered glass,

like “Where are my boxers, honey?”

Or was this instrument just, my

clumsy teeth, vodka-drunk, riding,
the tight strap, of you black bra, the science

of unwinding for, a summer stay?
Good News and Things to Look Forward to

IMPAACT is happy that CHUBB will help sponsor us this year!

New Port, RI for a night with CY. Sunday-Monday.
Regie's show in NYC.
Kundiman Retreat

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Writing Exercise

Postcards fr0m the Sacrifice


En route to Providence

A live chicken has been plucked,
killed, drained and boiled in a pot

big enough to take with it—all
your fears of us—which

I shall not speak of.


The hard boiled egg under your pillow

With chants can fool your spirit
to thinking it’s the North Star.

And you’ll soon make your way back home
from where we last fought.

Do not count the forsaken slides in the snow covered fields
of our cracked voices.

Because the shell is stubborn as wet snow gloves
and reasoning.

Take out the yolk, examine its texture.

Swallow the egg whole and return home.


The eyes and feet

Your father tells me that if the chicken’s feet
ball up then do not go far.

That if it’s twisted then do not go anywhere.
If it’s opened then we can leave.

I forgot how to read the eyes.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Cafe Cafe and I took first at IBPC!

My poem took first! It was first published in Best of Best Mipo-Cafe Summer 2007. The one on the site is an earlier version with an earlier title.

The Journal has many good poems and poets:

Thanks to all who read it and gave me advice on how to improve it.