Sunday, August 12, 2007


Your love was that of sedans
caught under trees, and
my love for you was a city
drought. All the poems about
us suffocated me like this.

Validating this relationship
with word was the labor
of sprites drowning a forest fire
with only wet blankets.
It never amounted to anything
and they've all perished.

And during these great fires: deer,
foxes, owls, mice and wolves,
forsake the burning oaks & sprites.

I wanted to use them
for a break up letter
if only they had survive.


Rathanak M. Keo said...

This is poem # 2

naga said...

both one and two are amazing. there's a lot of desperate energy in this one in particular.

Rrrr said...

um mike is everything ok?

Rathanak M. Keo said...

Do not be alarmed! I'm fine I just wanted to change my poems up with a few myths. It allows me room to grow as a story teller and be more human. So I'm playing on raw human emotions.

Hossannah wrote this amazing poem that haunted me to write.

These poems are created from personal experiences and
at times, exxagerated.

Thanks for reading & I miss you both. When will you all be in a central place for me to visit?