Thursday, August 2, 2007

Being broke

D and I, broke, had a lunch date planned. But we were both so terribly broke. It was like high school all over & I was $5 too short to cover him. A shame. Instead I ended up going with Matt. We went to Pho Boston which I have sworn off 3-4 times. I needed something nostalgic. And as always food was good. This time there wasn't hair, plastic, workers not washing their hands(didn't see), toenail in tea cup, or roaches. Yay.

Matt signed up at my gym and now I have gym a buddy. It didn't work out with Howard. Which was totally my fault for never showing up.

Many people are coming back into or emerging in my life. It's wonderful. I am waking up to a beautiful August.

I have several postcards done but still haven't sent them out. The hell. Must do. Must do. Must do! Aish.

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Rrrr said...

Ooo I am so glad to be back in the US and able to read blogspot! Your posts are so beautiful, honest & simple.

Why didn't I see you at the Summit??